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Attività di ricerca attinenti il problema di traferire segnali tra unità cooperanti. 

According to the traditional acceptation, solving the above problem requires the definition of theories and the development of system design strategies that cover all aspects of physical signal communications and in particular:
  • Wired communications
  • Wireless communications
  • Modulation
  • Speech communication, data and video communication
  • Channel coding
  • Spread spectrum
  • Synchronization
  • Equalization
  • Estimation and detection theory
  • Multiplexing techniques and multi-user communications
  • Channel modelling
Several investigations were carried out within research groups of the department focusing on the above topics. Typically, the framework of investigation refers to digital communications over wired network, link budgets over single links, and transceiver design.
In recent years, the development of advanced wireless communication systems, with and without interconnection with a fixed infrastructure, favoured an expansion of the area to include scenarios where several nodes or users self-organize into networks that must achieve reliable communications in complex operating conditions (systems operating under the coexistence principle, that must be rapidly deployable, or characterized by high mobility of nodes):
  • Modelling and management of interference
  • Resource optimization (power, bandwidth, bit rate, ecc.)
  • Multistandard terminals (Software Defined Radio)
  • Cognitive Radio
  • Cross layer design and optimization
  • Diversity
  • Advanced modulation and multiplexing (CDM, OFDM, UWB, MIMO)
  • Ad hoc and sensor networks and in particular:
  • Network synchronization
  • Localization
  • Security, privacy and authentication
  • Routing
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