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The research concerning Information Theory (IT) involves several communication and signal processing aspects. 

In fact, approaches based on information theory lead to new paradigm for system optimization at physical, data link and network OSI levels. System optimization procedures by considering the Shannon Capacity as objective function to be maximized, are considered for ad-hoc and infrastructured networks by resorting to the mathematical tool of Games Theory. In detail the main topics addressed in the Information Theory-based research are

  • Wireless links with MIMO or multi-antenna receivers: analysis, design, information throughput evaluation
  • Wireless Mesh Network: MIMO Routing based on Channel Capacity
  • Cooperative Networks: Virtual MIMO relaying for infrastructured wireless Networks
  • Uncooperative Networks: Power allocation for ad-hoc networks
  • Network Coding: distributed coding for ad-hoc networks

By dealing with coding aspects, the main focus of research is based on UltraWdeBand (UWB) systems employing both channel and coding techniques to improve system performance from an error rate point of view. The first kind of coding is able to offer a code gain while the second one allows the system to be interference free. Additionally, due to the growing importance in the literature of MIMO systems, a lot of attention has been paid to Multi-Antenna (e.g., MIMO) systems by resorting to space (and time) diversity by employing the advantages offered by coding or to increase the coverage range (useful in UWB systems), or for spatial multiplexing, for lowering power consumption or to decrease error rate. The main topics are

  • Space Time Block Codes
  • Space-Time codes fro frequency selective channels
  • Concatenated-Turbo codes
  • Channel estimation errors resistant codes
  • UltraWide Band channel coding
  • Self-pilot UWB coding
  • MIMO UltraWide Band channel coding
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