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Pierfrancesco Lombardo

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Full Professor
DIET Dept.
Sapienza, University of Rome
Via Eudossiana, 18 – Rome, Italy

Tel. +39-06-44585472
Fax +39-06-4873300
Email: lombardo [snail] infocom [period] uniroma1 [period] it -> mailto:lombardo [snail] infocom [period] uniroma1 [period] it
Home Page: http://infocom.uniroma1.it/~pier

Short Biography

Prof. Pierfrancesco Lombardo graduated in Electronic Engineering cum Laude in July 1991 and received the Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering in November 1995, both from the University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy. In 1991-1992 he served as Officer Engineer at the Official Test Center of the Italian Air Force of Pratica di Mare. In 1994 he was research associate at the University of Birmingham (UK), while working in the SAR processing team of the Defense Research Agency in Malvern (UK). During 1995 he was research associate at Syracuse University (NY (New York) - USA). In June 1996 he joined as a Research Scientist the University of Rome "La Sapienza", where he is presently Full Professor.

Research Activity

The main research interests of Pierfrancesco Lombardo are in adaptive radar signal processing, radar clutter modelling, mono- and multi-channel coherent radar signal processing, SAR image processing and radio-location systems. In such areas, he has carried out the following activities:

Scientific Direction of Research Projects

  • He has been in charge for INFOCOM of a number of research contracts for the national radar industries on issues related to adaptive antenna arrays and STAP techniques for MTI:
    • for SELEX Sistemi Integrati (former Alenia Marconi Systems – AMS) on “Sub-array level adaptivity for radar beam-forming”, “Design of antenna apertures based on thinned sub-arrays”, “Exploitation of amplitude information for radar tracking initialization”, “Multifunctional radio Frquency systems”;
    • for Galileo Avionica (former FIAR) on “STAP techniques for ground slowly moving targets”, “Multichannel signal processing techniques optimization”, “Radar detection against sea clutter at very high resolution”;
    • for Alcatel Alenia Space Italia (former Alenia Spazio) on “High resolution focusing of microwave remote sensing data”;
    • for Finmeccanica (by means of the SESM consortium) on “Passive Bistatic Radar” inside the Radar Research Centre built by industries and universities that operate in the radar area.
  • He has been in charge of research projects funded by the Italian Space Agency (ASI):
    • national coordinator of the “Preliminary Project on second generation Multi-Beam SAR (MSAR2G)” (2004) aiming at the definition of a multichannel system based on the COSMO-SkyMed 1st generation SAR in phase of advanced development.
    • local coordinator for INFOCOM of the project “Analysis and Fusion of ASAR and MERIS data over Urban Areas”, funded with the Fundamental Research in 2001.
    • local coordinator for INFOCOM of the project “Integrated use of satellite and in situ data for the study of the relationship between dynamics and meso-scale and productivity in the Mediterranean Sea”, ASI/CNR (2001-2002).
  • He was involved as responsible of research projects funded by MIUR
    • local coordinator for INFOCOM of the Project of Relevant National Interest PRIN 2004 entitled “Innovative Algorithms for Radar Detection and Tracking”;
    • coordinator CNR G00594C project inside the CNR-Agenzia 2000 program entitled “Integration of GPS and high resolution radar data for the airport area control” (2001-2002).
    • coordinator of the University Project of Rome “La Sapienza”: “Adaptive Rejection of interferences on GPS and GALILEO for air traffic control” (2003-2005).
    • coordinator of the university project of Rome “La Sapienza”: “Integration of GNSS and radar data for airport area control” (2000-2002).

Teaching Activity

  • In 1996 he has been teaching the course of “Digital Communications” at the Syracuse University (NY-USA).
  • From 1998 to 2004 he has been teaching the course of “Remote Sensing Systems II” for the degrees in Electronic Engineering and Telecommunication Engineering at the Univ. of Rome “La Sapienza”.
  • From 2005 he teaches the courses of “Air Traffic Control”, “Radio-location and Satellite Navigation”, “SAR image processing”, “Multibeam and Multifunction Radar” for the degrees in Telecommunication Engineering at the Univ. of Rome “La Sapienza”.
  • From 2002 he is in the scientific committee of three post-graduate high level Professional courses activate at the University of Rome "La Sapienza”:
    • “Master in Air Transport”, where he coordinate the Air Traffic Control and Satellite Navigation section;
    • “Master in Emergency Engineering” where he coordinate the Information Technologies section
    • “Master in Satellites and Orbiting Platforms”, where he coordinates the Navigation section.
  • He has been giving tutorial lectures inside international conferences on:
    • “Space Time Adaptive Signal Processing techniques” at the IEE International Radar Conference, Radar’97 in Edinburgh (UK)
    • “Adaptive Array Processing for Radar Systems” at the IEEE 1999 Radar Conference in Boston (MA);
    • “Adaptive Arrays of Antennas” at the IEE International Radar Conference, Radar’02 in Edinburgh (UK)
    • “Adaptive Antennas Arrays and STAP” at the IEEE Phased Array Symposium in Boston (october 2003).
    • “Radar Clutter Modeling” at the IEEE 2005 Radar Conference in Washington DC;

Other Significant Scientific References

Prof. Lombardo's research has been reported in over hundred and twenty publications in international technical journals and conferences. He served in the technical committee of many international conferences on radar systems and signal processing. He was Chairman of Technical Committee of the IEEE/ISPRS Joint Workshop on Remote Sensing and Data Fusion over Urban Areas URBAN’2001, Rome, Italy, URBAN’2003, Berlin, Germany, and URBAN’2005, Tempe, Arizona (US). He is co-recipient of the best paper award, entitled to Mr. B. Carlton, of IEEE Trans. on Aerospace and Electronic Systems for the year 2001. Dr. Lombardo is a member of the executive team of the IEE Radar Sonar and Navigation Professional Network. He is associate Editor for Radar Systems for the IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems since June 2001.

Editorial Activity

  • He is Associate Editor for Radar Systems of the major technical journal in his field: IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems from June 2001.
  • He is Guest Editor of the Special Issue for the ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing on “Algorithms and Techniques for Multi-source Data Fusion in Urban Areas”, 2003
  • He is Guest Editor of the Special Issue for Information Fusion (International Journal on Multi-Sensor, Multi-Source Information Fusion - Elsevier Science Publication) on “Fusion of Urban Remote Sensed Features”, 2004.

International Awards

  • He received the Barry Carlton Award for the best paper published on the IEEE Transactions on Aerospace and Electronic Systems in 2001.
  • He received the prize of the best paper published on the IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing in 2003.

Scientific collaborations

  • He was Co-Investigator for the sounder/altimeter radar sensor CONSERT of th ASI/ESA Mission Rosetta.
  • He is Co- for the sounder radar sensor MARSIS of the ASI/NASA mission Mars Express.
  • He is Co-Investigator and member of the Science Team for the “subsurface sounding SHAllow RADar (SHARAD)” of the ASI/NASA mission MARS Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) 2005.
  • He had different informal collaborations with MIT- Lincoln Laboratory and with the Clark Atlanta University, as demonstrated by jointly authored publications.

Conference organization activity

  • He was member of the paper selection committee of: IEEE Radar Conference 2001 in Atlanta (GA), IEE International Radar Conference 2002, Edinburgh (UK), European Conference on SAR - EUSAR 2006, IEEE Radar Conference 2006 Verona (NY).
  • He was Co-Chairman of the Technical Committee for the IEEE/ISPRS Joint Workshop URBAN’2001 (Rome), URBAN’2003 (Berlin), URBAN’2005 (Tempe (AZ)).
  • He was Technical Chairman of the “Space-based MTI radar Workshop”, organized by Alcatel Alenia Space Italia Rome – December 2005.
  • He was member of the Scientific Committee and Session Chairman for the ESA Workshop on Applications of SAR Polarimetry and Polarimetric Interferometry, POLINSAR 2003, ESA-ESRIN, January 2003 and POLINSAR 2005, ESA-ESRIN, January 2005.
  • He organized and chaired the invited session on “Satellite Remote Sensing: Image Processing and Applications” at the SCI2000/ISAS2000 conference in Orlando (FL), 2000.

Other organization activities

  • From 2006 he is member of the Category 1 Advisory Group (C1AG) of European Space Agency (ESA) - Earth Observation R&D Section.
  • From September 2001 he is member of the Executive Team of the IEE Radar, Sonar and Navigation Professional Network.

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