The goal of the Acoustic MOdems for UnderwateR communication (AMOUR) AQUA-LAB is to have a first version (to be expanded in the next future) of an UnderWater Acoustic Network (UWAN) to be used as scientific test, as students' experience for setting up a mobile laboratory and as sea monitoring network.

In fact, it will allow the possibility to test some of the features that different researchers, that joined this proposal, are investigating from a theoretic point of view in the framework of signal transmission and processing in the underwater context, of multiple access by resorting to cognitive paradigm and, finally of networking aspects such as routing.

The network can be used also by students (in the framework of different Lab courses of the Faculty of Information Engineering, Computer Science and Statistics, i.e. "Electronics and Communication Lab") as a part of the courses in order to learn how to setup network devices and how to analyze results from different points of view including signal processing, access techniques and networking aspects.

Furthermore, the use of the UWAN can be useful also for remote control of various underwater devices from lights to chemical release systems, data exchange between underwater instruments and a surface vessel, university research and military/intelligence projects, mammals sounds recognition and pollution analysis via time-frequency analysis of acquired measurements and can help some countermeasures, when needed, to the effect of sea pollution.

Sound is underwater

“To reach a port we must set sail

Sail, not tie at anchor

Sail, not drift”

Franklin D. Roosevelt