Prof. Enzo Baccarelli received the Electronics Engineering degree (laurea) ''cum Laude'' from University ''La Sapienza'' of Rome in 1989 and then acquired the Ph.D. degree and in Information and Communication Engineering in 1993 and 1995, respectively.

He has been Assistant Professor (1996-1998) and then Associate Professor (1998-2004) at the INFOCOM Dept. of the Engineering Faculty of the University ''La Sapienza'' of Rome.

Since 2004 he is Full professor in Telecommunication Engineering at the INFOCOM Dpt. of the University ''La Sapienza'' of Rome.

He spent 1994 and 1996 as visiting research at the Telcordia Labs. (ex Bell Labs.) of Morristown, New Jersey, USA. His research experience and interests are in the areas of statistical signal processing for digital communication, Information Theory and Coding and broadband wired/wireless access networks. In particular, he focus on the design and deployment of multi-access architectures, multi-antenna access networks, and wired (xDSL/PON) broadband access systems.

This research activity produced over 145 papers published by peer-referred IEEE international journals and conferences (in particular, over 35 contributions on IEEE Transactions), and two international patents on nonlinear data equalizers for fast-fading mobile links.

He is co-author of the contributions: ''Broadband Wireless Access Networks: A Roadmap on Emerging Trends and Standards'', published in the book: Broadband Services to Business and Communities: User Needs, Business Models and Technologies, edit by Wiley, March 2005; ''QoS-costrained optimal energy-management minimizing download-times over Multi-Channel Wireless Links'', published in the book: Handbook of Wireless Mesh Networks and SEnsor Networks, McGraw Hill, 2009; ''A competitive approach for designing Multi-Antenna Cognitive Access Networks'', published in the book Cognitive Radio Systems, In-Tech Ed., 2010.

His academic duties include teaching of five graduate courses in Data Communication, Information Theory and Coding, Statistical Signal Processing and Broadband Access Systems. This activity given arise to the publication of several text books, namely:

- Complements and Exercises of Information Theory and Coding (Ed. Ingegneria2000, 1998),

- Elements of Signal Analysis Probability and Stochastic Processes (Ed. Ingegneria2000, 2000),

- Principles of Data Transmissions for Radio Channels (Ed. IEEE Press, 2001),

- Elements of Detection and Estimation for Engineers (Ed. Ingegneria2000, 2001),

- Elements of Information Theory and Coding (Ed. Ingegneria2000, 2002),

- Broadband Wired Systems (Ed. Ingegneria2000, 2005 ),

- Communication Fundamentals ( Ed. Esculapio, 2010 ).

About the educational activity, from 2005 to 2007 Enzo Baccarelli was dean of the Telecommunication Board at ''La Sapienza'' University and member of the Educational Board of the Engineering Faculty of this University.

About the review and editorial activity, Enzo Baccarelli is also involved in the organization and technical committee of several international IEEE symposia and conferences, as ICC, PWC, GLOBECOM, SPAWC, VTC, MASS, ISIT, MOBIHOC, WIRELESSCOM. He also serves as referee for several IEEE Transactions and journals, as Tr. On Communications, Tr. On Signal Processing, Tr. On Information Theory, Tr. On Vehic. Technology, IEEE Journal on Select. Ar. In Commm. (JSAC), Journ. On Comm. And Networks (JCN).

From 2005 to 2010 he served as Associate Editor of IEEE Communication Letters for the Wireless Communication and Network Architecture and Design Areas.

His curriculum and bio' sketch have been reported by European Who'sWho and American Contemporary Who's Who 2002/2003.

About involvement in deployment and standardization bodies, he is an active member of some international committees as IEEECOMSOC Personal communications and PLC Forum. About the activity as member of evaluation panels, at national level Enzo Baccarelli is involved in the Technical Board of Telecom Italia and he is member of some evaluation sub-panels designed by MIUR under the CIVR initiative for the aero-space sciences and Industrial Information Engeneering Areas. Furthermore, in 2002-2003 he served as referee for the evaluation of COFIN-PRIN projects.

At European level, in 2004 he participated to the work of the European Exploratory Workshop Commission and is involved in some panels for the evaluation of IST-oriented European projects presented within VI Work Programme.

Currently, he is involved in some evaluation panels for the management of research grantes funded by the Israel Science Fundation for the Information Engineering Area.

About the activity of coordination and management of research projects, currently Enzo Baccarelli leads some research activities on the design and deployment of space-division multiple access architecture and protocols as Senior Associate Researcher at the CNR-IIT institute of Pisa.

Furthermore, he has been involved in management activities for several European and National research projects:

- local coordinator for the European project ACTS-MOSTRAIN (1996-1998),

- collaborator to the coordination activities for the European project IST-SATURN (2000-2003),

- scientific coordinator for the research unit of Rome within the national project NEWINTERNET (2004-2007),

- scientific coordinator of the MIUR projects PRIMA ALBA (2005-2006) and IRON (2007),

- responsible of a sub-contract within the European project IST-DELIS ( 2004-2006 ).

Lastly, he was national coordinator of PRIN2005 project WOMEN (2006-2007)and PRIN2007 project WORLD (2007-2009).

About the activity as responsible of research contracts, Enzo Baccarelli is the scientific responsible of several contracts funded by Telecom Italia Learning Services, Ericsson Labs, and CNR-IIT Institute of Pisa. These research contracts focus on the design and deployment of innovative Multimedia Content Delivery (MCD) architectures for broadband multimedia applications.