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Francesco Vacirca received the "Laurea" degree in Telecommunications Engineering in 2001 from University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy and a Ph.D in Information and Communication Engineering in 2006. He has held a visiting researcher position at Telecommunications Research Center Vienna (ftw), where he worked in the METAWIN (Measurement and Traffic Analysis in Wireless Networks) project focusing his research on the analysis of TCP behaviour from real data traces captured in the GPRS and UMTS network of Mobilkom Austria. He has a postdoc position at University of Rome, "La Sapienza". His current research interests are focused on traffic models and dimensioning algorithms for IP networks and on mobile computing, specifically on the analysis of TCP performance in 802.11 networks and congestion control algorithms for high bandwidth-delay product networks.


    Journals and Magazines

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  • Conferences and Workshops

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